Project: Touch

Placed in a group to start our first project which goes by the name “Touch”.

Simple and sweet, really. We’re meant to create a pixilation with a budget of 30 seconds. We we’re free to fill it in as we wanted; one pixilation of 30 seconds, or 2 of 15 seconds etc.

First off all, I’ve never worked with a camera before aside the ones on my phone or which I got shoved into my hands once every so often on a night out with friends, so in that regard I had some new things to learn. I also do not like to be filmed, so already knew that I was passing on the oppertunity to be the main ‘pixel’ on the screen. Thankfully, my classmate knew alot about cameras and didn’t mind to be the ‘pixel’ in our small project. (Thank you, Robyn!)

After being handed cameras and discussing a little bit about what we would want to experiment with, we started.

Seeing the information we were given and the pixilation films we’ve watched, we decided to start easy and just do some walks. The main thing we took from the videos we’ve seen was the movement and that that alone could spark something in the viewer, such as laughter. So behold! the walks..


Big steps

Fairy walk

Fairy Touch

Next up would be our story.

*** Pixilation is an animation technique where you use a real person on the screen, but unlike films the people move more like puppets in stop motion. ***

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