Project: The Touch Finished.

Final day.

Today was the day of the Edit.

Lesson learned; I don’t like editing…

I’m alright with the outcome, would’ve liked more of an old feel to it, some more filters, some fun effects, but after being sat behind my laptop for many hours to get Premier to stop messing me about  I really just wanted to finish it and go to bed.


Eventhough it was nice to not have to do something alone, I do prefer to roll solo. That way if there’s a mess up there’s only myself to blame. Also, my motivation might lay on another level than someone else and I really don’t like conflict taking the front seat instead of the project at hand.

Pixalation as a whole seems like something alot of people could enjoy, but the whole process isn’t something I can say I’ve enjoyed.

Lessons learned- Positive:

Working in a group, actually editing something (first timer ya’ll.) working with a new program (Threw Premier out of the window after this project. *shakes head*) Having to search for some music that I’d normally not use, I’m really looking forward to using more music in the future.  Saturation is cool even with pixilation. I do see the comedic aspect of pixilation, during the first day (check gifs from The Touch part 1) really had my group and I in stitches.

Lessons learned – Negative:

Premier is a massive program that’s mostly filled with hot air.. Don’t let the door hit ya’, Adobe.   When working in a group, you better have a plan B ready for action the moment your group sets off into the wicked wild world. Bit of self-reflection here; Keep breathing, it’s not the end of the world.

So yea’, I’m too casual for a professional blog it seems..  Here’s the Project.

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