Project: Touch part 2

As the group was set, we met up for the first time out of class hours to go over our story once again and get some filming done.

Day started with a bit of a delay, but whilst waiting for the shop to open (We had to book out some equipment) we went over the story, see if we can add or remove some things.  Vital points were that we had a budget of 30 seconds and it had to be 12fps. Seeing the time of the year we wanted to do something with Halloween.

The original story:

An autumn spirit would change the woods (we’d be filming in a park.) from their lovely green colour to the warm autumn colours. Whilst she was turning the ‘season’, she’d suddenly notice some of her work being undone. Her mushrooms would turn into pumpkins and the green leaves into bats and from behind a tree the witch of halloween would show up. The two would go into a battle where they’d turn several things into whatever fits their theme, ending with their magic clashing, leaving the witch to be turned into a cupcake and the autumn spirit into a bat.

The only issue we seen with this idea was that we didn’t really know how we could have the two (who were played by the same person) engage with one another without it becoming too difficult.

We booked our things out, dropped by a shop to pick up a few halloween items and off to the park we went. When we were set up to start, we found out that our camera had no SD card and so there wasn’t much we could do. Limited by time (Lecture would take place around 6) So we called it a day and planned to reschedule.

Second meeting!

We all found time to meet up again after class and so we made our way to the park once more, the area in which we were planning on shooting before was pretty much untouched and we had way more time than we had the first day.

The story was in place, equipment was all present and the weather was really good aswell. We started and after some struggle with ideas and how to put the story on film, we started.  Everything went super smooth, camera had great focus, Robyn (Our pixel!)  was smooth with her actions and the touch scenes went really really well. After about half hour of shooting, I wanted to check back on what we had on tape aaaaaaaaaand it was gone. All pictures that were taken were no where to be found on the camera. We’re cursed, really. But we still had time so we decided to set up the next meeting the upcoming week as we now knew exactly how we wanted everything.

Last day of Filming.

The day started horrible, it was raining and just sad weather all in all. Thankfully it was predicted to be better beginning of the afternoon, so instead of meeting up at 10, we rescheduled to meet up two hours later.

Our project and the story depended on all three people to be present, not only because it’d be difficult to do this story with two or just one person, but also because the costumes weren’t stored with one person, but with their rightful owners.

Unfortunately when meeting up we were missing our third member and with that half of our costumes for the original story.  We decided to see if we could do anything to replace the outfit. We were lucky enough to have a costume provided to us from the University itself, but with that we had to change our story.   We simplified it, close to the deadline, unsure about how stable the weather was and/or when we could meet for another day of shooting, we simplified the story.

New story:

Random girl stumbles over something on her way. When picking it up it seems alot like a wand, waving it around for a moment only to tap it against her head. Suddenly a small crown with catears appears on her head, confused she taps her head again, changing the crown into a crown of flowers. A few touches happen until she conjures a cupcake from which she takes a bite, it changes her attire and also whatever she touches. In the end she turns herself into a bat and flies off.

We shot the scene in not too much time, it was somewhat of a struggle with the changes and trying to keep the camera steady when moving to switch objects, but nothing too difficult. It was really nice to finally get it done, cursed or not.

IMG_3408 IMG_3466 IMG_3575 IMG_3776

Unedited keymoments.  447 pics.. alot of editing will happen.

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