1. Project: The Line

Our third project is called “The Line.”

What we’re meant to do is create a 30 seconds 2D animation where a character is trying to achieve/obtain an objective.


I had already decided to use TVPaint as the 2D program to create my animation in, for me it’s the right program that I’ve most experience in and so can obtain the idea that’s in my head and put it to paper.


Due to personal issues I was not able to attend class for a few weeks and so I was unsure on how to approach this project.

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, I’ve practised some things in TVPaint as a warm up or even to practise some things that I’ve been struggling with.



The first was based on a short story about loss. Mainly practise with the wipe technique where you pretty much morph a drawing, stretching it to add speed to an action.  The second one was really simply in my head, but a struggle to put to paper, how does an arm even move when having a simple action such as dragging fingers through hair? Pointy ears just cause I love them.  The third was actually made thanks to my daughter, who came running to me, tripped and fell. Seeing as it’s a frontal view with a short walk and skip to then fall, I wanted to see how that movement would be taking place.





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