2. Project: The Line.

After returning to class, and having the project explained to me I was full of motivation and seeing as the time spend at home gave me more than enough inspiration of subjects trying to achieve an objective, I’ve decided to take on my own daughter as my project’s main character.


The idea was really simple; A kid in a onesie trying to get to a cookiejar even with the mother telling her no.


What I mainly wanted to do was make the character come to life, much like the little girls in films such as Despicable me and Monster’s Inc. both Boo and the three girls of Gru have their personality even when they don’t say anything. The onesie, the expression and movement of the child were all that I could work with at this time.



The onesie was purely created to add something extra to it all. The Christmas time was a big influence in this.  With the main character being based on my daughter, I have seen the comical effect a onesie can have on simple movements. Her Sully onesie with tail and horns attached make her running, dancing, jumping and climbing on things more fun and enlightening. This reindeer onesie would have googly eyes and a small fluffy tail, big at the rump which would give the child a shorter leg than she actually has, making her movement more of a struggle.




We had a tutorial in class regarding audio and adding that to a future project. So I booked out the equipment needed and headed home to my own 3 year old Boo and had her ask me for a cookie, run around to pick up the sound of her feet on the floor, jump with and without sound and run to bump into her dad for that “Oof!” sound.  It was really fun and she enjoyed being part of it all!

It was much like how Pixar did their recording with the girl who voiced Boo .




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