3. Project: The Line.

Due to more personal issues I was late with my submission, to which I’ve thankfully applied for some extension and was granted just that.


I had my whole animation sorted out, all frames were there, 360 of them, the audio was edited and clear of sound, fitting in nicely with the project and for some reason I was not happy with it. large

I wanted it coloured then I wanted it just as a sketch. I wanted it simple but also not. I was really struggling with the end editing of it and that’s apparently a normal thing to go through.


However, I’ve not felt comfortable with it. I did not want to just upload it and send it off as a finished project perhaps because I wanted something more out of it and it shouldn’t be this difficult. It was a simple project, just get an idea in your head and draw it down, note down sources and research.

In the end I’ve erased my project and started anew the 20th of december. My deadline being the 21st of december. 14633625

I had to go simple and I had to deliver something. So I went back to watch things that I find beautiful and that motivate me out of this dark cloud I once again found myself in. f3d00d60-3da1-0133-5b73-0aecee5a8273

Glen Keane’s Duet  finished, Uncoloured and process video and his Nephtali .  Some Aaron Blaise was also involved, ending it all with one of my favorite animated scenes from I.G Productions from the film Kill Bill (bloody but good.)

Trying to get back to the things that I like, seeing what it was that I like most about animating something and just trying to calm myself down to get to work, basically.

In the end it was a song from a band I used to listen to that brought me the idea of this 30 second video.


So.. Bird and the Worm was born. I’ve never really drawn a crow or any form of bird before, but I did have an idea of what I wanted to do in this animation. “Keep it simple.” A crow lands, spots a worm, tries to pull it from the soil, unsuccessful he lets go and flies off. Then beneath the soil you see a mole who’s had a small tug of war with the crow and now tries to devour his trophee, but before he’s able to yank it down completely, a small robin shows up and runs over, yanking the worm from the soil with not much of a struggle and runs off with his objective.




The idea of the crow is without any research, I’ve always had a love for crows and ravens, even magpies. They are my go to birds.  The robin came up when I was in my garden, feeling miserable and this little bird just came hopping over only a few feet from me, then flew off when I moved. The mole .. well, because that’s the only animal in my mind that’s large enough to win a tug of war from a crow, likes worms and lives underground.


The movement was what mattered to me here, I wanted to keep it in sketch form as seen in my motivational moment above, all three artists have a very sketch like form of animating and it’s what I really really like. So no colour, just a plain background and light lines.

So I started off my new animation, the idea was there, the information was there and even the motivation.

(movement for the crow taken reference from this )


However, when I finally finished my 367 frames on 12fps and getting ready to drop it in the dropbox of my uni as a finished project… I noticed that it said 360 frames on 24fps. I went in full panic mode, knowing that that would never make 30 seconds of animation and repeating this to myself over and over again panic took the best of me, but! Thanks to my saving angel classmate Kia I was told that it was a mistake made on the file and it wasn’t corrected. My project was fine and I could finally submit it.

It’s simple and I’m happy with it.



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