Project: Critical Manga.

New year, new project.

This time it’s an actual manga/comic, 4 pages (A4) with 800 words.


Task: Create a manga/comic that illustrates the rise and fall of a classic early age animator/cartoonist taking into account visual style and their contribution to the development of animation.

We’ve started this project beginning end term 1, with the holidays and a new year in our pocket I’ve decided to go for an animator and inventor of something that set the mark for animation.

Plan: Max Fleischer being my subject for this project, my plan is to start off with the basic medium that we all use and read up on his achievements in life, Wikipedia. Also reach out to other forums and search categories for his invention, characters, studio and   (short) films/animations. As I’m still mainly an illustrator, I’ll be using what I’ve learned throughout the years to hopefully put some of the Fleischer studio drawing style across, use reference for drawings and keep the design simple.

Programs:  For this comic I’ll be using Manga Studio EX as the layout is very much like my preferred program PaintTool SAI, though is more suitable to create comics with.The ability to create clear panels individually or even use a set layout will help me with visualizing the illustrations and text.

Construction: During tutorial lesson earlier in term 1 we were told about Fleischer studios and the brothers Max and Dave Fleischer, though my comic will be only about Max Fleischer as I rather give more insight into one person’s achievement with 800+/- words than share both brothers accomplishments and perhaps divide attention unevenly. My word count will be based on the information given in text, the count does not include any words in the illustration panels (Such as perhaps names of school on a building, building names in general, signs or even speechbubbles.).  Further construction will be that the visual aspect of the comic will show what the text going with said panel explains; Max sitting in a park shows what can be read in the text “Max one day sat in a park and had the greatest idea ever.” for example. I furthermore don’t want to overdo the panels, meaning I’m not aiming for 8 panels on 1 page as I want to have enough room for an illustration to come to its right and the text size to be large enough in order to read it comfortably.

Blog posts: My blog posts will mainly hold research material, current process of the project, little trivia notes and videos. Perhaps even personal connections that I might discover during my research.


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