Project Documentation: Critical Manga

page 1.png

Dividing the first page of his formative years into 4 panels. Reference for Brooklyn Daily Eagle was taken from an old picture of the building.


Sadly I wasn’t able to find a picture of his school. page 2.png

The rotoscope reference was taken from the Wikipage (Image was posted in first Documentation blog post) and added Ko-Ko the Clown to the Rotoscope.

At this point, two pages into the manga I was a bit torn between two things.

First I wanted to give more information about the most known characters of Fleischer, with a small bio of them, but at the same time I also wanted to highlight Fleischer’s uncommon portrayal of African-Americans, and his attachment to Jazz music.

I’ve decided on the characters in this case and not on his animation shorts that involved Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and Don Redman. The reason being that I wanted to focus more on his life as an animator/illustrator through characters, which was also easier to illustrate on the two last pages than merge all characters and artists together for the remaining 400 words. In my opinion it would result into a messy, mashed up ending of the manga.

So using the blog to hopefully give you a real feeling of Jazz and the artists who were put into a positive light by Max Fleischer.

( Source : Youtube.)

Cab Calloway’s Minnie the Moocher, the song that was used in the animation of Talkartoons.  The movement of Calloway clearly visible through the cartoon as again the rotoscope technique was used.

(Source : Youtube.)


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