Project Documentation: Critical Manga

The final pages of the Critical Manga.

Again, so much information about these characters that I had to cut down on the characters that I wanted to use. Originally I wanted to include the cel-animated film “Gulliver’s Travels ” and “Superman.”

Instead I’ve downsized the comic and information to Ko-Ko the Clown, Betty Boop and Bimbo and Popeye. The latter was involved as many think that he was an original creation of Fleischer Studios, though this isn’t the case as stated in the comic below.

page 3.png

Ko-Ko the Clown: Fleischer Studio’s official webpage has these great character spread sheets! Referenced from these.  The image of Ko-Ko singing St. James Infirmary Blues was referenced from the animated video.


last page.png

When reading up on Betty Boop, I found that she was originally a dog, the girlfriend of Bimbo (who used to be named Fitz) For their panel, with information above, I decided to show their former and final form. However, looking up Betty Boop as a dog for reference was.. quiet the shock.


Betty Boop the Dog. (Source : )


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