Project: Can you sit still?

Our fourth project has started.


Page 1


Plan:   My plan is to create a 2D animation focusing on the ages of 6-8 years and it will be about the MRI.  As a fan of the series House, I’m kind of aware of what an MRI machine does but I’ll still have to research to see if there are different kinds of MRI’s that I might be able to work with.

Programs:   For this project I’ll be using After Effects and Premier. Designing will happen in SAI.

Construction: With us having 1 minute of animation to dwell into, I want to separate the animation in three bits. An introduction to the main character and their hopes/fears of the MRI, acknowledgement and hopefully a solution in an upbeat manner to relate more towards the age range and ending it with a good outcome e.g. the main character is looking forward to the MRI.

Hopeful outcome:  The assigned age for the audience isn’t that known to me, I know no 6-8 year olds, but my hopes are that the animation will empower the children and inform them in a simple way about the process of having an MRI scan without emphasizing any disease/injury.

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