Project Research 2: Can you sit still?

Time to Pitch!

I want to make my main character unisex, however, not a typical animal or object.As they enter the hospital the narrator gives information about what the main character is doing in the hospital e.g “Eight is in the hospital today for an MRI scan because he’s not been feeling so well.”  Eight being the name of the main character, name being the age of the target audience. Eight’s personality is bouncy, they can’t really sit still which will be difficult with the MRI because they have to sit still during it.

Eight meets the doctor and the doctor explains to the audience (Facing camera) what the plan is, but in big words and so Eight pipes in every now and then to correct the doctor and connect to the target audience.  “You can not have any metal material on you during the MRI.” Eight: “So no rings, keys or earrings, else the MRI won’t be able to make your picture!”


(First design of Eight, doctor and Bob.)

During my research I looked at examples from series such as Moshi Monsters which gave me the idea to maybe make the characters of jelly, bouncy and all. Unsure if I wanted the jelly monkey as the main character or the slug, I later decided to go for the monkey and have the slug monster be a kid that just left the doctor’s office or perhaps even had his MRI.

I didn’t go for this design eventually once I took it to After Effects. The lighting and movement didn’t add up and the drooping of hair from the jelly doctor didn’t come out as I had hoped.

I then redesigned the characters.


(Second design, tweeking of story)

Eight and his friend meet in the hospital and his friend convinces him that having an MRI really isn’t scary or bad, and thanks to the MRI his friend is feeling better than ever now. Then the doctor comes in and you’d see the MRI device before the animation ends with a happy Eight looking forward to his MRI and knowing that he can sit still.

Taking reference from Kirby, these moved very well in After Effects, but they weren’t my final choice because I don’t see them to be for the target audience, but for kids from the ages of 0-3 perhaps. The soft colours and forms with movements wouldn’t do for 6-8 year olds.


(Background design.)



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