Concept design and first 3D project.

New project, well actually two.

Character design and concept AND a 3D project based on the character.

Seeing as I’m writing this halfway both of these projects I will take you down the emotional roller-coaster that is currently the bane on my existence: Maya.




Long story short, we’re meant to create a 4 room house,lair,environment of the alter ego that we are creating for the other project “Concept art”.

A 3D environment instead of 2D, so new working experience there and create it so we are able to make a 1 min. animation from it.


First I wanted to base my ‘lair’  on a made up alter ego who would be a voodoo priestess type of thing, big hair, feathers, tribal stuff.. Think a bit Tia Dalma tumblr_mamf7h71TJ1r53i3oo1_500

Having a voodoo shack that’s much like an old wooden hut. Lots of candles, lots of wood, lots of curtains.. Fire safety at 0% but hey! animation.

After initial concept and not much of a background story I thought I’d come up with a plan B.

Going for a character that I already have who I’ve created many stories for and what not, it’d be easier to go for her. It’s a blood elf from the Blizzard game: World of Warcraft.


(Commissioned piece from Fusspot of my character )

Basic things about her:

Emotionally unavailable



Blood Elf

So off we went to the drawing board and created her house!


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