Down the lane with Maya!

So, normally I’d show you my plan here… but this time, I can’t show my original plan because.. things happened.

Allow me to explain..

So, new project, all up for it. My idea’s sorted, design, moodsheet all that jazz so I was ready for Maya and this project which I’m still very psyched about.


4 decided rooms would be: Bedroom, library, study and summoning chamber.

Now, I’ve been working from home and university, transporting my files with be from one place to the other using my USB. My USB got ‘lost’ at uni, and with that all my work. Which bothered me for a moment, but being as involved with my character it wasn’t a big loss and the work that I had already done was a first try thing that could only improve once I started over again!  So I started anew in Maya, leaving the sketches and the moodsheets behind for now as my tutor warned the whole class about the last week needing to start rendering and the first week of the four had already passed.

Whole place all sorted, pretty empty but sorted all it needed was textures and things to fill up the place with. 2 weeks left, still on schedule.


A week off from school due to personal things and my computer starts to slow down, slower and slower and suddenly things stop working. With the only solution being: Formatting the PC.  Which I was totally fine with as I had put all my files, past and current on a backup drive. PC gets a format, takes a day for it to be available to work on again and as I reinstal my programs I notice that my Maya file was not saved on the backup.


I was Hades in this case. Thankfully our course’s awesome tech told me after the USB mishap to back it up online in a dropbox or like a one drive. My rough setup of the house was THANKFULLY placed on my onedrive and so after 3 days of working on my 3rd attempt to create the house I remembered the online backup and could use the setup from it to speed up my project and get this show on the road!


I only had a week left now.

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