Project: The Lair evaluation

First time working with Maya or even creating things in 3D.

My initial idea was to show 4 rooms: Bedroom, library, study and summoning chamber. However as you can see I’ve cut out the summoning chamber because I was short on time. The hallway was large enough for me to consider as a seperate room and still meet the time limit. The animation itself is 1 minute and 1 second long so I’ve met that.

When it comes to moods:  The owner of this house is a blood elf, their initial colours are red and golden, sometimes black, never blue. Unlike wood elves who often have green and golden or green and brown as favorite colours.  I’ve based the animation on a short story that I wrote some time ago, where the character woke up within her dream, rushing through the house in a somewhat panicked state, down the stairway into the hall where she seen portraits of her daughters, the end of the hallway she would see a portrait of herself facing an enormous demon (One she had bound herself to not long before said dream and has been having some mental disturbances due to the pact they had made.  As it constantly whispered in the back of her mind and the whispers never stopped, not even when she would try and sleep.). She then rushes through the library to her study, meeting portraits of demons that are already bound to her such as the imp on the first portrait only to enter the study and meet her former mentor. Now, because I can’t actually craft a model in Maya -YET- I’ve decided to place a portrait on the wall instead, showing the person and the main character. Now the original story leads to the next hall which is covered in intestines and as she carefully walks through it towards the summoning chamber with the obvious fear of her own fault awaiting her in said chamber (not closing a summon portal and allowing any type of demon to crawl from it, hence the intestines), she’s met with an enormous demon who puts her before the choice of creating a blood pact with him or he would kill her and taking her soul with.  I have no time to spend on the last chamber, nor the current skill to craft the maze of blood and guts so I’ve ended the animation in the study with a crystal which has a demonic soul lingering within it.

The fuzzy lighting, overload of red with flickering lights here and there should give the feeling of the dreamy environment without having to blurr here and there.I’ve tried to include the dream-like mood setting with the camera movement aswell, though I did have some issues with the camera to record animation throughout the house.

The downside of the project’s outcome to me was that because I had one minute to spend, and having to pick objects that I wanted to show, to me the final product started to look like an animated ‘portfolio’, rushing from one portrait to the other. I would’ve liked to spend more frames on the moving objects in the project, such as the candles that float, the hovering gems, steam coming from the hookah in the first room or even movement in curtains or the flames that took me hours to create on the candles! which hover aswell, might I add.

Perhaps if I had made the house smaller in order to cut time with traveling I would’ve been able to use that time on other objects in the house.

All in all, I have enjoyed the project alot. I also noticed that things can’t really go wrong with a project such as this one, because from every mistake that I’ve made here or things that happened here, the outcome was better in the end.

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