The Lair: Finished project and Maya feedback


Time was running out like.. really fast. However! Here is what I think about Maya so far.


I really enjoy the program. Once you’ve settled with the keybindings and the points of view it’s easy to work with and with the auto-save saving the projects for you every so many minutes it takes alot of stress off of you. The only way you can mess up is if you forget something.. like that time I needed to render my animation and sat for 3 hours only to find out that I set the perspective to perspective instead of the camera and so it was 500 hundred repeating frames of the same wall. It’s a large program and I’ve only touched the surface of it, but I’m excited to work with it more often.

I do think that if I hadn’t made the mistakes that I have made, like losing my USB or my computer needing a sweep to function again, that I wouldn’t be as pleased with the outcome of my project as I am right now. If I compare the items that I’ve made when I first started in Maya and the ones that are in my final outcome it’s like two different worlds.

All in all, working with Maya for me has been a pleasant experience aside from a few things, like needing to render constantly to see how you’ve placed a light, needing to remove alot of objects before rendering else it would’ve taken too long (try 3 days long.),but from this I’ve learned to ‘cheat’my way through objects. Example: In my library, instead of filling the bookcases with actual books, I’ve decided to make only two bookcases which were filled with items and books, the rest of the library actually has a texture of the bookcase which is filled with books. This way I cut down on the rendering time -alot- and Maya didn’t start to lag.



giphy (1)


So here is the final project.

*Short story will follow

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