Project: Character design “Origins”

The follow up from our 3D project “The Lair” is character design.  “Who does the house actually belong to?”


I’m still in the midst of “Am I going to do this in one post or two or maybe be adventurous and make 3 posts?”.  We’ll see, I guess.

Anyway! To business.

The Lair belongs to my warlock from the PC game “World of Warcraft” and that universe. Her name being Mickaela Ta’rasha, her occupation… “Demonologist.”.

A demonologist is a person who works with demons, researches them and their magic. 

Now, she didn’t start off as a demonologist, to be honest, she had no interest in demons at all. All she wanted to do was grow up and make money off of bounties like a real mercenary.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Plan: Giving a good overview of who Mickaela really is. In order to do this, it’s best to start at the beginning.  I want to show her stages in life and hopefully translate her growth both physically and emotionally through illustrations. I also want to create a connection between the 3D lair project and this one, so the audience sees both and will go “Huh, yeah I could see her live in that house, seems to be something she’d pick.”

Construction: The illustrations will be without too much detail, however, I hope to give enough detail to still connect her to the universe she is from aka “World of Warcraft”.

Fears: We’re meant to create the character in an golden age illustrator/animator style. I struggle letting go of my own drawing style and ‘fear’ that I won’t be able to show her as a character that could’ve been created in the golden age of animation without her becoming someone completely different.

Outcome: The perfect outcome would be that I will be able to create the link for the audience that I’m hoping to create as stated above. That the audience will enjoy the illustrations and that they will perk interest in the character by wanting to know more about her, the story or future adventures.

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