Project:Character design.


My biggest challenge was giving a character who’s rather flat with her emotions actually facial expressions. First I thought that I should focus more on her body language than her actual facial expressions, though as I’ve been struggling with facial expression I declined that idea and practised.  This was later on also what helped me with her other concept designs.







Mickaela’s age sheet. This wasn’t a requierment for the brief, however it goes well with the origin story. I wanted to illustrate her at keypoints in her life.



Action poses.  I decided to go with two action poses. One that is more dynamic and one that is simple and clean.  Again, I kept the colouring to a minimum and tried to focus most on the forms, curves and expressions whilst still trying to keep the poses simple but translatable. Included Iris, her ugly, little, floating demon.



Drawing process gif. Yup.




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