Final project: Story and ideas.

For our current and final project of the year we’re meant to create a zombie and robot arm that engage with eachother for a 1 minute animation. We’re using the program Maya and the due date is 5th of june.

Story/idea time:

My story idea is mainly based around the old arcade games where you have two enemies fighting eachother from a side view perspective.

Marvel vs. Capcom


Arcade Mortal Kombat


The story will be based around a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors are finding entertainment from the mutated and faulty environment that they are now living in. Gambling as a pass time.  Salvaging parts from faulty robots and reusing the (in this case) out dated, but still functioning robots/parts in order to sate their gambling habbits by putting the robots in the ring with mutated beings, which in our case will be a zombie’s arm/hand.



Moodboard for the environment of the animation.

Regarding the technology, I’ve based the timeline of my story in the middle to late years in 2k. This way I can use the technology that we have in this day and age or announcements for the near future developments with our technology and with that create the environment and perhaps impliment the idea on the robotic arm design aswell.




  1. Youtube.  User: IGN
  2. Youtube. User: Zanar Aesthetics
  3. Youtube. User: Jan Doedel

Moodboard fltr


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