A Quick project in between.

As I’m still working on my Robot v Zombie project and my typography project, I’ll quickly document the progress on a project that’s due the end of this week. It’s our very last project for this year. Here we go!

In the last week of University we’re meant to set up a final submission.


Fun time, 4 posts to document and reflect. Here we go.


I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s, these were times where the most nostalgic cartoons were aired on the television, cartoons that are still being used up to this day. Many have seen a reboot and many are now even being put on the big screen with actual actors.


Find a cartoon that I would like to see a reboot from. There are so many cartoons that I miss nowadays, but alot of them were about very random things or the story line was set to end after a certain amount of episodes.  The reboot cartoon is for a mature audience.. The ones that I liked and that alot of my friends mentioned when I asked about their favorite cartoons were already very mature, mature to a point that most of the jokes never hit me until now. So the plan is to find a cartoon that had some innuendos but not too many, a cartoon that has the nostalgic feel to it, one that many people still know and that has the ability to reboot today without taking away the essence of the character(s) or the message in the series. (If there is any)


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