Project: Feature Pitch

The chosen one for me was..

Drum roffel~

johnny bravo quotes image 3

Johnny Bravo.

Reasons why I chose Johnny..?

He’s handsome, he has a personality, he has a story, he’s Hanna-Barbera, he’s nostalgic, he’s recognizable and I feel that he could work with a reboot with the thought of “How would he be in this time?”

We now live in a day and age where we are more outspoken than ever before. We connect through social medias and through there we let eachother know exactly what we feel about pretty much anything.

The essence of Johnny Bravo’s serie was that he was this bold, self-loving guy who hit on pretty much every woman who crosses his path, who really thinks that he’s the bees knees but at the same time still lives with his mum has only two real friends of which one is not even a teen yet and she out-smarts him all the time. The gags were there, but for some reason you never really felt too bad for Johnny to be smacked in the face again. Everyone remembers the “Oooh momma.”. Johnny to me was pretty much a guy that you can’t hate even with him being such a goofball.

I really see Johnny to be a good guy who just has horrible social skills.  So why not drag him into this time where we have social justice warriors, where we have PC (political correct) police and feminists that will yell at anything that is even remotely male?

For Johnny I did want one thing, a happy ending. And through the research I did realise that adventure is a wonderful thing to impliment in a cartoon or even a story, it gives room for a beginning, a goal and an end and it all depends on who will be the main character, what their personality and traits are.

In all the episodes, he always goes for women that are not obtainable, and when he finally gets with one it’s just not what he thought it’d be. I want to give him another chance at love, but the goal will be harder to get than anyone had thought..

Here’s part of my Feature pitch.

The Story.

Momma Bravo now started dating Pops, the owner from the diner and as he franchised his diner the money started to roll in real fast. Due to this, Momma Bravo handed Johnny some money and kicked her boy out to finally live on his own.
He has absolutely no idea what to do or where to go while standing at a random bus stop when Carl appears, which he always does just out of nowhere. Johnny tells Carl what happened and Carl being Carl, joins Johnny on the bus which reads “The Big City”.

They find a small apartment above a dojo/Chinese restaurant which is owned by Ling the cousin of Johnny’s former martial arts instructor Master Hama. Ling hears what happened and offers Johnny a job in the restaurant as the dish-boy which Johnny instantly declines. He’s too handsome to wash dishes. Though with the amount that Momma gave him, they could only pay for the first month of the apartment’s rent and so Carl takes the job offer.

Now in a world where there’s social media and socialites, people being famous for absolutely nothing, reality starlets and groups for pretty much every way of thinking, Johnny finds himself in a new learning curve though he’s very positive about it all. He’s handsome, well-spoken, one of a kind and of course, not to forget.. handsome.

By removing Johnny from his known environment the oppertunity of adventure arrises, Momma (bless her heart) was keeping her boy back. Carl was always up for helping Johnny, even with Johnny bullying him most of the times, he would help him out wherever he could and it often seems as Johnny mooching off of Carl. I did include him because I didn’t want to push Johnny into the big bad world all alone, in the old series Pops usually gave the advise to Johnny to help him on his way to reach whatever, now Carl can take on that job with some help from Ling.

Throughout the series he’ll be discovering things like Facebook, Instagram, the difference between Grinder and Tinder, has a taste of reality stardom and starts to write books which cause major uproar among the feminists and social justice warriors of the millennia.
In the big city he’ll have a taste of the night life and walks into a bar that turns out to be filled with drag-queens.
He’ll also appear on a talk show in one episode which is much like the Dr. Phil show where the audience is mostly of the opposite gender.
However, unlike the previous series, this time Johnny will find the love of his life in the form of a leader of a feminist group which he matched with on Tinder. Wanting to pursue her with all he has, Carl and Ling break it down for him that he really has to stop his macho self and try to see the world and himself through the eyes of a woman. This will lead him down the adventures of social media, media, new groups that have taken place in the Big City society in the last decade.
Johnny was a good guy in the old series but he was always unlucky in love because he had no idea how to approach someone from the other gender and I want to keep the core of the character present while he finally will have the ability to catch his dream instead of just seeing it punch his lights out, over and over again. 

Johnny is from Aron-City, but there wasn’t much diversity in the people that surrounded Johnny, I think that was mainly the case because of the time we were living in when it aired. Nowadays the world, the cities, they’re filled with different people with different lives and lifestyles,with different interests and stories. Seeing how manly Johnny is, the blurring lines that we are currently experiencing when it comes to genders and sexualities would send him off to new discoveries, which I would always approach in a light hearted way, because even if it’s for a mature audience, you’re never too old to learn about the world that’s constantly changing around us. I do want to impliment the current ideas of fame into the series aswell as pretty much every socialite who’s famous for just being alive is also an actor, auteur, entrepreneur, model, guru, spokesperson, director, writer, producer and two horned unicorn.. I think that Johnny would be a perfect candidate to be on a reality show and feed into that machine.

Everywhere I look with this reboot I can see opportunity for adventure and disaster with room for adult jokes, but also able to be viewed by people of younger ages.


Overall I’m happy with the outcome, I’ve met the goals I’ve set in the beginning as Johnny was part of Hanna-Barbera from 1997-2001. When asking others if they would watch this reboot they all answered with “Yes, I’d give it a shot” (11-11 score)

I haven’t recreated the character hence no character designs were posted aside from the sociallites and girl of this time image (to my project that is) because Johnny’s appearance can remain exactly the same as it has always been. Black shirt and denims are still a thing. The guy’s timeless.

(Source Youtube)



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