Project: Feature Pitch

‘Weeding out the weak’

There are so so many cartoons that deserve a reboot, but there are also many that made absolutely no sense. I had to keep in mind the two things that I was looking for: Keeping the spirit of the story/character alive and have a link to a golden age illustrator/animator.

My choices eventually became:

Pirates of Dark Water


I loved the illustrations in this cartoon. A young prince going on an adventure to find several crystals to fight the dark water that’s endangering his planet. Reading back on this series I had alot of self-reflection happen. I have absolutely no idea what the adventures were about, truth be told as it was in english and I’m from holland and in the time that it was aired I was still a little kid, however it was the illustration and the movements, the design that kept me clinging to the television. Later on I was drawn to a comic named ElfQuest which has pretty much the same type of illustration and my own style of drawing has been influenced by both Dark Water and ElfQuests style without me even realising it. BUT! I could not remember much of the story and I do believe that you need to know the intention of the creator of a cartoon in order to pass the spirit of the story on.But! It was under the production of Hanna-Barbera.

Several other cartoons fell under this catagory aswell such as Rocko’s Modern Life, Biker Mice from Mars, He-Man, Johnny Quest, Snorks, Gargoyels and many others.

Perhaps if I went for a cartoon that I watched when I was a bit older so I could remember the story and grow my reboot idea from that..

Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed Edd and Eddy, Ren and Stimpy,  2 Stupid Dogs, Powerpuff Girls, Hey Arnold are just a few of the cartoons that were on my list aswell. The reason I didn’t choose these for a reboot are somewhat alike.

For Dexter, the Ed’s, Powerpuff Girls and Hey Arnold I was thinking about a reboot that goes down the path of “So many years later, what happened to them?” Powerpuff girls are out of that catagory right away as they have just received a reboot and so are not part of the brief anymore. I didn’t want to drag Dexter down the path of high school as we’ve seen in an episode what he would look like as a teen..


Poor guy. And it didn’t get any better when he was morphed into an old man. I think his power mainly is within his age, because he is a child genius.  Ed, Edd and Eddy I had some ideas for a grown up reboot, but it would be more of a feature film or maybe even short, as their power lays, in my oppinion, again in their youth. Their crazy behaviour, childish behaviour and that of the kids in the neighbourhood is what makes the series as exciting and enjoyable as it is. For Hey Arnold I didn’t see a fun future, mainly because of his grandparents perhaps not being around anymore. The serie, again in my opinion, was already rather dark and gloomy at times, hitting issues that now make me think that it already had the power to inform and entertain a mature audience. Ren and Stimpy, just like Pinky and the Brain  were already made for a mature audience. The amount of innuendos and often sexual jokes or even mature and somewhat depressing self-reflective jokes never hit me as a child, whilst they now make me cringe with awkwardness. I don’t even think Ren and Stimpy or Pinky and the Brain would live long enough to get a reboot as they had most likely killed themselves before the reboot would happen.

One thing that did stand out to me was that the cartoons of the 80’s beginning 9o’s were really there to inform kids and entertain them at the same time. With, at times, vast amounts of story lines, making the kids aware of their actions and reactions that come from that and alot of information about protecting the planet whilst rocking out to a thick tune of metal and rock. They were also very into barbaric outfits, transformations, normal kids with crazy super powers and adventures, so many adventures!

Eventually I asked myself the question “Which cartoon would be able to live in this day and age and it would be interesting/entertaining to watch for a mature audience?” Perhaps a cartoon that had such a personality that would nowadays completely clash with society or our way of thinking with the hopes that they also meet the brief’s requirements.






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