Final Project: Zombie sketch and inspiration

Back to the Zombie and Robot project.

I’ve put together a mood board before starting the whole animation and building of the zombie and robot hand models.

What I was mainly looking for was a very bendable model for the zombie hand. A bendable and spider like movement.


The first two showed, for me, the point to which I wanted to be able to bend the fingers, the clawlike design would add up with the radiation type of zombie hand that I wanted. Third picture shows a more neutral point that I wanted to achieve, how it would grab if it would in the animation. Fourth picture is more a reference to how it’d twist and turn and the last picture is more of a reference of how I wanted the zombie hand’s design as it’s not a zombie arm but hand that’s chopped up half way the forearm.


Into sketchbook we go, quick sketches where I wanted to give some design to the hand, it’s all very rough but includes the ideas for joints and some poses which I’d be using in the animation. The swatches show the colour ideas that I had at this time, eventually I chose for the brown/dark red swatch set.

At this point I went into Maya and started designing the zombie hand. Having done the research made the designing easier, but because the tutorials showed a set up for a zombie arm I had to figure some things out myself. Due to this I’ve had to remodel my zombie hand several times in order to have the joints move properly without it dragging the skin from the bones. My tutor gave me some advice on how I could best model the hand and have it move without the skin being dragged off the skeleton.


I’m not going to lie, I had alot of issues with the frame of the model when it came to unwrapping it and transfering it to Mudbox (Which was the program that was recommended to use.) Faces disappeared, many errors showed up so eventually I decided to drag the unwrapped hand to photoshop and coloured it there.


(Only time that Mudbox was  succesful with colouring my zombie hand and being saved etc. so I could get some shut eye for the night, the next day opening the project I was faced with this. No more textures)

I started anew, actually modeling the environment and both hands in the same scene gave me no more issues and eventually made the animation process much easier.


From here on out the animation took place and it was due to the way of setting up the NURBS and with the advice from my tutor, the animation process went real smooth.





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