Final Project: Finalized


The end product. Unlike the lair, I’m not as happy with this outcome as I was with the Lair. Many things I wanted to change.

  • Because we have 1 min. of animation I had to fill the time with the first scene (The intro before entering the arena) This part goes too quick and is too dark to actually be a valid thing in the story.  It was meant to be an introduction to the arena in which the fight takes place, with posters on the wall etc. Due to the darkness these things aren’t really shown or translated properly to the audience.
  • The camera. Overall I’m happy with the outcome of the camera, however during the animation process for some reason the camera decided to twist and turn and I had to change the animation frame by frame to focus on one point in the recording. Sadly due to this the camera sometimes seems very jumpy (around :46-47 sec.)
  • Audio.  When placing the audio into the animation, the transition of one clip and the other wasn’t noticable, though when all was exported to finalize it in Premier, the audio wasn’t transitioning as I had meant it to be transitioned.
  • The story. This part is all for the audience. I just wanted to make a fight scene between a robot and a zombiehand without much thought, much like the tekken games I used to play. My audience feedback is posted below.


I asked three people who make a living off of work in the music industry, design and game design. I asked them to pick my project apart and this is what they pointed out.


  • First person I asked is a DJ”Pretty fun watch, it looks simple but I’m sure there’s alot of work behind it. Also noticed the Team Fortress font.” They also pointed out that the start of the animation is very dark, and they had no idea what they were looking at due to the darkness.  Also pointing out the sudden jump around 0:47 and to them the wait before the countdown was a bit too long.
  • The second person I asked, who works with design had pretty much the same feedback as the first one, but added that the design of the robot was a bit off.The upper arm of the robot seems to hang down over the hand, which gives a bit of a weird feeling in the beginning of the video.
  • The third person I asked works for a gaming company as a sound designer/composer.The first thing they pointed out was sound effects. Using them not only to give an ambient feeling to the animation but it can also give character to the robot and zombie hand “It’s like with R2-D2, with just a few bleeps and bloops they’ve gained a character” They thought the background music was well done, a nice drum intro to start it off, but stated “Lackign, perhaps, a bit of motionsound or the applause building up. Something that starts off soft in volume and builds up as the camera travels to the arena. And again, sound effects as they enter the door, the sound of the door opening.”

My feedback was great and I do need to look into audio more than I have so far.  It adds more life to the animation and character to it aswell. It’s what makes a characters, series, films, games all recognisable.


Overall view about this project.

It was a long journey with alot of stumble and falling. Re-creating the zombie hand as many times as I have seemed horrible at the time, but I became faster with the design and rigging just because of this.  I learned once again how happy you are with yourself if your project crashes but you have a backup that you can choose from (2 online backups, one automatic one manual, and 2 on the computer itself on 2 different drives). I managed to play out my plan, the reference of spiders, the fight is clear.

I’m happy with the animation, not because it’s flawless because it’s filled with flaws, but with the flaws I am reminded still that I have alot more to learn and I still, very much so, enjoy working in a 2 and 3d environment.

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