Final Project: Robot.

For my robot hand I set up a small moodboard that would give me some idea of current robots we have or ones that I think we could have at this point. For the moodboard I mainly looked at the hands if the design of the robot was something I imagined my robot hand to have fallen off/chopped off from.



At this point I had already been thinking about the construction due to the story the hand had to be part of. The robot was being placed in a fighting scene and I wanted a spider like movement for it. This cut out the robot hands that have three or less fingers.


robot hand1

My first design.   – My first design sketch show the process of ideas on how the robot would move, where it’d be powered from, will it be agile or more stationairy?

With this design in hand I opened Maya and tried it out. Keep in mind that my zombie hand was already some form of a challenge simply because the tutorials and lessons were based on a whole arm rather than a Thing like hand. Now I faced a new issue; My robot hand was round, the fingers weren’t placed on as they are placed on a normal hand (and also the tutorial that I was working with at this time.) However, I did create the hand in Maya to see if I could make it work. Why? Because I did like the idea of its movement and the way I thought it would attack.  My robot hand would give the killing blow to its opponent not with his hand but its ‘shoulder’ bone, much like a club. The design was very robot like and something that we see in this day and age. It’s based on a grabby hand in a game machine though added a thumb.istock_000017954645_medium

I went back to the drawing board now that I knew what I did and didn’t like about my current robot hand. The grabby hand wasn’t able to move like a spider and I already seen issues with the skin bind if I would rig it as the main tutorial suggested.


I wanted to keep the clubbing ability possible and the movement to be coming from the fingertips in order to give the spider effect.  The sketches above are my final sketches for my robot with some colour swatches ideas.

Peacock spiders are my main inspiration with this hand. I absolutely adore these spiders and their movement is so mechanic. They were a perfect reference in to how I wanted to move or even to how I could bend the fingers and mapping out the fingers when ‘walking/running’.

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