Project 1 – Animation Studies: The Occurrence with two heads.


For the last week of term 1 (year 2)  we have a small project.  Creating a character with two heads who will discuss as a pro and anti about a topic related to animation.  The topics are ..

  • Animation is just for kids.
  • Animation is a form of art or a form of production.
  • Animation is a genre of film making.


The brief isn’t as clear as I had hoped it would be, and due to this I’m full of questions. However, whilst I do understand that within a university we are meant to throw a few words down here and there, the topics that are given are rather one sided in some cases and whilst I have the feeling that it’s asked of me to play this as black and white as possible, I can’t seem to find any nay sayers in most of these topics at first glance.


The design for the character won’t be of any issue nor do I see it to take priority at this point in time regarding the planning of this project. Once I’ve settled on the topic I want to write the script about, I could design the character accordingly.


We’re currently 2 days away from the deadline and I have already done some research whilst working on another project which is due next week.

I currently have a few questions which keep me from finishing the project earlier.


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