Project 1- Animation Studies : The Occurence of Two heads. Final thoughts.

As I’ve submitted my project to the university, it’s time to reflect.

While I was first somewhat unsure as to why this project was needed and the topics weren’t something that I found interesting to look into any further (This mainly due to it being very bias towards one side of the arguement e.g We all know that animation isn’t just for kids –… Or so I foolishly assumed!)  I did find myself eventually dwelling further into the topics than needed.  This mainly because I had no idea that we were as under-developed (I say, lacking better terms) as a civalisation regarding the arts of animation.
The topic that I chose prompted me to talk to a friend of mine who lives in Japan and is born Japanese, asking her how animation is regarded in Japan and if it carries the stigma of being just for children or going as far as it not being regarded as an actual valid way of creating film.

  • What do people think of people who watch anime and read manga?
    In Japan that is.
  • You mean foreign people that reads manga

  • No, japanese people that read it

     What do japanese people think of other japanese people who enjoy reading manga and watching anime?
  • Oh okay

     I think every Japanese reads and loves manga
     I haven’t seen a single person (here in Japan specially Japanese) that hates it manga. There are so many mangas that are made for adults
     and think my country loves manga lol
  • Hahaha but no one thinks you’re childish when reading it, right?

     Is it alright for kids to read them? 
  • Nope 

    No one 

    Even gramma and pops are reading them or watching 

    We even have a channel on tv ANEMAX it’s a 100% manga/ anime tv 24/7

     2 channels

It did feel as if it will continue to be regarded as a ‘lower form of production’ until the US regards it as a valid form of creative art.

Now that aside, character creation was not something I’m new to and so there wasn’t much there that opened my eyes, however I am new to the academic way of blogging and I do hope that I’ve done an alright job regarding this, as my blog was always the one point that kept my grades lower than I would’ve wanted them to be.
I will continue to use the ways of how I’ve build up my latest blog posts as I find it easier to read and much more put together than my first year blogs.  I even had one of my friends, who is a professor, look at it all to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. (I had no idea what footnotes were or any of the kind.)

So overall, I’m very happy with the outcome of this project.  I was done well in time, yet had to wait for some feedback until I could push it all through, normally you have a bit more time to ask for feedback and wait for it, but this was a small project for just a week (which I requested extension for due to illness, but I made it for the original deadline!)  I have met the points that I wanted to achieve and the character who I’ve created connects well with the script (Their design translated well with the level of knowledge and personality in the script).
I’m not sure what it is that I would change next time, as the amount of research seemed just right and my blogposts were short but informative, displaying exactly what I was doing at each time without too many and’s, buts and ifs. (I like short blogs)

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