Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue – Plan.

So to start I had to come up with an idea for a story which would narrate the conflict between monolgue and internal monologue. I planned on the story first and the : “What will be 2D and what will be 3D” would come later.

My ideas were:

  • Song stuck in head.  – Main will be plagued by a song that is stuck in their head, which would keep them from doing their daily doings and even sleep, however they would still try their best to be productive throughout it all.
  • Theatre Royal –  Narrator pulls main through a storyline that main wants nothing to do with.
  • Artist struggle – Someone asks why you ask money for art, inner goes mental, rages about suffering and artist struggle.
  • Not to sound rude – People trying to say someone’s name, yet mess it up constantly to which main has to correct politely yet internal monologue gets more and more annoyed.
  • Crush – Main is afraid to ask crush on date and tries to hype themselves up through inner monologue.
  • Insomnia – Trying to fall asleep, brain won’t let you.
  • Loyal servant – Unhappy servant has to remain polite, yet inner monologue cares not for politeness.
  • Insanity – Main lives in the happiness of his own mind while in reality he lives in an insane asylum.
  • Werewolf –  Main is a werewolf who on the night of transformation struggles, trying to reason with the beast within.
  • Date night – Main is forced on a date and is not interested in this date at all, yet tries their best to remain seemingly interested.


(A few of my notes)

The ideas above were noted down throughout the first days after one of our lecturers suggested that every small idea we had could best be noted down.  As coming up with an idea and sticking to it is always a struggle for me (I never feel that the idea is good enough) this tactic was perfect and I was not short on ideas whatsoever and was able to bounce the ideas off of other students.  After everyone came up with their story, my list shortened as many of us shared the same ideas and my focus became the one of the Loyal Servant and back up plan was “Werewolf”  and  “Insanity.”   The reason for choosing these two as backup was because I envisioned these two storylines to be the most capable of portraying the monologue v internal monologue.



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