Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : Design Insanity


The setup for the project was 25% of the time is Sebastian in the ‘warm’ room, going through the photobook, 50% will be the photobook and the last 25% will be Sebastian in the ‘cold’ room in the asylum.   Due to the large amount of time spend in the photobook I had to make sure that the pictures translated exactly what I wanted to show.  The mood being set with higher saturated colours and animate the pictures.   However, I didn’t want it to be all the same, as it would become dull.. watching the same type of pictures for +/- 30 seconds.  I decided to fully animate one scene completely (the rainy summer day scene) This will be the only scene that shows full 50-50 3D and 2D merge.


(rainy summer day background scene)

At this point the programs that I used were TVpaint for the 2d animation for the Rainy summer day scene ( scene is shown above) Maya, After effects, Photoshop and Premier Pro.

Anyway!  It was time to set up a plan as how I could best take on this project.

I thought it’d be best if I set up the 3D from the 2D and the moving 2D parts.


  • Lantern and shops (rain scene)
  • Room of Sebastian ; bed, walls, floor, door (animate closing)


  • Meeting in rain.  (around 15 seconds long)

Motion 2D

  • Girl in scene (alive and dead)
  • Graduation
  • Forest ride
  • Rain (during rain scene)

At this point I had already decided that the character would be a pre-rigged downloaded character (animschool Malcom Rig)

I started with the 3D parts first as they were least time consuming and would take me around a day or so to create.  The 2D would take me much longer, however, I wanted to do that after the 3D was done because it takes much longer to animate in 2D including colouring and masks.

Last I will add the small motions to the paintings that will become the pictures.



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