Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : Design

For the Loyal Servant I wanted to create a rounded, more cartoonish character who was soft in features, but that were heavy set.  This because I do believe that heavy features are able to translate emotion easier than lighter features. (Heavy set brows in this case)




(Loyal servant design and expression sheet.  Here I tested how far I could push his expression would he be in 2D. )

Now, I have never created a character in 3D and so I had no idea how this guy would end up. During class another student came up with a name for him and with that, he’s been named “Sebastian.” (thank you, Maria!)



(Sebastian outfit design)

At  first I wanted to place him in a medieval settlement, hence his outfit being as it is.  I took reference from medieval male servants


The outfits were loose and often three part: Trouser, shirt and vest. The advice I was given was to keep the outfit as simple as possible no matter if I wanted to make it 2D or 3D.

The second outfit is based on the outfits from the Downton Abbey male servants.


Their design is what more translates to the idea I had in mind for Sebastian in the Loyal Servant settlement.  Living in the UK, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting castles and with the Downton Abbey idea and inspiration it was much easier to envision Sebastian as a servant of that time rather than of medieval times.



Image 1 Turn around gif:

Image 2 torso :

Image 3:

Image 4 Downton Abbey:



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