Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : Maya


I decided to make Sebastian in 3D and his surroundings in 2D.  The reason for this being that I wanted to try something new.  Last year we have created a 3D environment and robot and zombie arm, however, never have we created a full character before, hence my decission to try out the 3D character creation and taking calmth out of the idea that, if this didn’t work out we could always use a pre-rigged character to still translate our story.

My maya experience was full of faults and lessons, but I enjoyed the process so much that I am looking forward to creating more in the future in 3D.  During this period I was moving house and so we had no internet which I could use for research, due to this I do think this was a bigger struggle than it should have been, but we live and we learn.

I started out with boxmodeling.

Boxmodeling is a technique used to create 3D characters.  You start with a box polygon and sculpt it into the form you want, adding and removing faces to eventually create the idea you were going for.

Because I had limited to no internet, my reseach in this part consists out of rewatching the same video over and over again.  My go to was this one.

There are several things that were not explained in this video, which isn’t a surprise as it’s a speed modeling video without audio, but still there were some things that weren’t clear to me by simply watching it.  My attempt to create Sebastian’s head using this video turned out like this.


Overall, at the time, I was happy with it, it was my very first try at something I’ve never done before and it was recognizable as a human.. thing.  However, looking back at it now, I was looking at the creation rather than the functionality.  The edgeflow of this was absolutely horrible and there would be no way of him being able to move his face no matter how much I would rig him.

My second attempt was adviced to me by a friend who works as a 3D artist.  For this I used AnimationMethods on youtube’s videos regarding “Modeling a character in Maya.”



I noticed that the more I tried, the faster I became and Sebastian started to look better aswell.


After several tries and about a week later, I had him in a place where I felt confident enough to colour him and put a body to him.  However, my computer isn’t powerful enough to have me unwrap without an enormous amount of lag and so I had to colour him manually. (assigning colours to his lambert)


When I returned to class with my Sebastian creation, it turned out that the edgeflow wasn’t correct and he had to be adjusted.


This is the final setting for Sebastian.  Adjustments were made to him by my lecturer and he was ready to be rigged.

The setup for the story, to me, wasn’t good enough.  I wanted to play with colours, whenever his inner voice would take the scene the environment would turn colder in colour, mainly blues and purples whilst when his normal monologue would take place he’d be in a warmer setting, filled with oranges, red and yellows. However, I was not able to find a way in which I was pleased with the story or even with the design of Sebastian. (He looked like a puppet rather than a person or even the character that I had designed in 2D)

Due to this and the lack of internet (and illness) I decided against this project and picked up one of my back up projects.  My evaluation will hold a part for this experience aswell.




Video 1:  User  QuickDrawCreate

Video 2  : User: AnimationMethods

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