Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : 2D



For the 2D animation, I had already created the background. It was now all about timing.  I wanted this scene to last for 15 seconds TOPS as the budget was still 1 minute and I had much I wanted to show in that short minute.

For the design I decided on very simple design, focusing more on the animation itself rather than how pretty everything looks, with a complicated move in it so I still learned something out of it all.

In this scene Sebastian is meeting the love of his life for the first time, a classic rainy day, bump into scene in which they meet. The walks weren’t a problem, nor was the turn that the girl makes once she lockes up the shop.  Instead I had to reference the bump.  My husband had a field day as he kept running into me whilst it was being recorded.  How does someone fall, which fall is best translated, which leg do you lift up first when you fall and does it change depending on the type of fall?
I used my own created reference to decide which fall would be best in translation, dramatic gesture and continuation in a pleasant way.  She had to fall and he had to catch her, not only because it’s a typical romantic thing in which two people meet (in movies)  but also because if he had not caught her she would’ve fallen which leads to a negative outcome.  If she had not fallen but simply stubled, there would be a moment of negativity aswell (Can’t you see I’m walking here?!) and even if I  would put a spin on it and make the negative feeling of the scene turn positive, I only had 15 seconds tops to do all of that. The cons outweighed the pros and so I decided to go for the classic “Girl falls and guy catches her.”

The scene was created in TV paint, but the rain and ‘pink-ish’ layer ontop of it were created in Photoshop and added to the scene to blend everything in a bit more and ofcourse keep the ideas of warm and cold colours going.

Attributes in this scene were brief, the book that Sebastian was holding was only there as a reason to why he didn’t see the girl, and the girl’s paper to protect her from the rain functions in the same way as Sebastian’s book does.  The umbrella, however, was a key item in the scene.  It gives reason to her remembering him as he gives it to her and it also displays the kindness of Sebastian.  But, most umbrella’s are black and when it was (before I changed it) it ate up alot of the scene.  During the walk up, during the collission and even later during the exchange.  It was too dense in colour and even when testing other colour options my eventual experiment of making it see-through did all I needed it to do.  It showed the scene completely whilst it was clear enough what it was and that it was functioning as such.   Seeing the final outcome I might have wanted to add some rain bouncing off of the umbrella to add more to that effect, but I doubt that in the short amount of time this scene is on screen anyone would have noticed it.









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