Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : 3D



The first thing I went for was to create the environments in which my story would take place.  To do so I had made a small list with things that would have to be created to then combine, colour and set up for the scenes.

I decided to only create two areas, the room Sebastian was in and the ‘store’ area with the lantern in which the 2D scene would take place. (The scene in which he first meets the love of his life.)

Creating the lantern scene.

When creating the lantern scene I had in mind this little french type of area, lots of brickwork with the large, black, decorated lanterns.   I found a perfect reference for the lantern and used that to model my 3D lantern.


(reference used)


The creation of the lantern wasn’t difficult. I did decide to not colour it in Mudbox as it was going to be a plain black lantern pole and so I coloured the polygon itself. The only difficulty was that I wanted to have a light in it and I could not get it to match the idea I had in my head.


(what I wanted to create, harsher shadows are shown on the exorcist poster, which is more what I wanted.)

The light wasn’t the problem, but the shadows were.  I wasn’t able to cast enough shadow in Maya to portray the idea perfectly.   Normally I would sit on the idea too long and it would become a burden rather than a simple idea, yet this time I decided to move on from it and I’m happy that I did, this because in this scene the main character will meet the love of his life, and the meeting would be a 2d animation.  If I had cast stronger shadows in Maya, the characters would need shadow aswell in the same intensity and that would have been extra work I had not counted on. Also, it didn’t take away anything from the final scene as I look back on it now. The feeling I am getting from the final scene is much more “Singing in the rain”  than it is exorcist, and with the meaning behind the scene I do think that the softness from the scene translate the feeling of it much more.

The final scene of the lantern was created with a normal area light which was in an orange colour and a red colour with the colder colour being purple.  I decided to not give the lamp its light in Maya but rather transfer the scene to photoshop and add a light in it through there.

More about the lantern scene will be in the 2D part of my blog.


Sebastian’s chambers were very easy to create.   Within his ‘happy’ room there is a bed with matras, blanket and pillow, a small painting on the wall and a shelf.  Only the bed with matrass, blanket and pillow remain in the asylum scene. I created the room without reference and decided to keep the design simple. Not because I like simple designs, but because I wanted to use Mudbox and get more familiar with it.  Previously Ive used it with my zombie vs robot project and did not enjoy working with it due to errors that I wasn’t able to find and fix.  In this case I had a much better experience with Mudbox. The walls and floor were therefor all coloured in Mudbox (in both Sebastian’s room’s scene and the lantern scene) I will look further into this program and hopefully use it more often in the future.  It’s accurate with drawing, good sensitivity for my pentablet and alot of options such as stencils and textures.

The errors in creating Sebastian’s rooms.

I’ve created the room once and simply removed a few things and recoloured it in Mudbox to have it become part of another scene.  The only errors I ran into was that for whatever reason, I lost the colours of my rooms several times during the process.
I think it happened because the room was copied, but I will explain the issue.
As stated above, I copied the room so I would have 2 rooms.  One would be coloured with warm colours (To translate the feeling of calmth, happiness, relaxation.)  whilst the other would be with cold colours (to translate the feelings of loneliness, desperation, angst) When I coloured the warm room in Mudbox all went well, then I transfered the cold room as a new scene to Mudbox to colour and when transfering it all back to Maya all colours in both rooms were as I had made them.   I saved the project and shut down the program to continue the day after.  When opening the project the next day, both rooms were suddenly the same colour and there was no way of retrieving their original forms.  And due to this I had to start over.  This happened twice and eventually I decided to place Sebastian in the warm room after it was coloured, animate him and render the whole scene out before I would shut down the program for the night. (just so I have one scene in picture form and not have to worry about having to colour the whole room again the next day) I’m glad I did it like that because the next day the colours were all the same again in both rooms.  This is on my list of questions for uni once we start again.  sebastianinroom-0001

Lantern reference:

Singing in the rain :

The Exorcist poster :

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