Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : Final word. Evaluation

Note ** Feedback was received from 7 people.  3 male, 3 female, 1 4 year old girl. **

Time to evaluate.

Story related, I’m happy with all that I was able to put into the minute of budget we had.  I think it translated all the short stories I wanted to show perfectly.
The feedback received mostly that they thought that Sebastian had killed the girl, (This feedback was from before audio was added)  something I had not realised before. I do like it as it does give a twisted ending to the story and I did not go in against their ideas.  It’s nice to know that the story wasn’t that clear that it became black and white, everyone knows this story means blabla because it’s so obvious.

The design was received really well aswell.The motion 2D was seen as well put together and balance in colours. (My mum didn’t like the dead girl cause death “She’s pretty, but I don’t like it because she’s dead.” )    I take no credit for the 3D model of Sebastian (Malcom Rig found here ) .

The time spend on the project for me was more than enough, I don’t feel as if it’s missing vital parts, as said in previous posts I would have -maybe- wanted to add more details here and there, but I don’t miss them in the final project, so it would’ve been more of an extra rather than a necessity.



The issues with the animation for me were once again the audio.  I wanted to have the female voice sound as if they were talking through a radio, walkie talkie or something and I couldn’t get the sound in as I wanted it to be. Instead the white noise that I’ve added makes it sound more as if it were two recordings done in two completely different rooms and very poorly edited the female voice into it all. I have to work on my audio.

The audio timing was right, however, and I am happy that I managed to add sound to every moment in the animation. (Something that was suggested in the feedback in earlier projects)


From all that I have done during this project, I am most happy with the 3d modeling I have done.  Even if it didn’t turn out as I wanted it to be (the original Sebastian model I made) I did see how much I enjoyed creating a character and I will continue doing it in my spare time (because my course leader gave me a book for Zbrush and I can’t wait to get started with it.)

Time management was horrendous, this due to things happening outside of my control, but my planning has given me alot of security.  I don’t think that I would have been able to finish the project if I did not have a back up plan and also the clear schedule stating what we’d tackle first (3D)  second (2D) and third (Motion).  Now for next project I am hoping to finish the project before the deadline so I can get the feedback I need from the lecturers, perhaps some suggestions and have enough time to impliment their suggestions in the project before deadline hits.




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