Project 1 – Animation Studio : Monologue v Internal Monologue -Progress : Motion 2D

deatheye open.jpg

As I wanted to have Sebastian’s photo’s ‘come to life’ I decided to create some illustrations that suddenly start to move.  To do this I took inspiration from lords of War where the scenery started to move yet you could clearly see that it was originally a still illustration.  However, I could not find information about which program they used to create the motion in their illustration I decided to do it in Photoshop instead of in after effects.  The reason being that the movements were so small that I could easily paint them over the original illustration and so this is what I did.

I also decided to stream the process and receive feedback if anyone had any in a live environment which gives me the option to consider the feedback and even change whatever is being suggested in the painting.

I did not use reference in this aside from the dead girl to establish the eye colours.

Below I will show what I have done.


Creating the first picture in a position I wanted her to be in. I then added half an eyelid whilst the rest of her remained the same, a full eyelid whilst the rest remained the same.
I then distorted the picture with a motion blur, something I would need to give a dramatic switch from one memory to the other.  I then changed the colours of the original picture to a more greenish one, corrected her face to translate fear and the final piece is where I darkened the scene with a mask, giving it a more green/blue colour and adjusted her face to translate death.  I then placed all of the pictures together into Premier and the motion 2D was formed.

I did the same with the bike scene and the graduation scene, though they took much less time than this one as they only consist out of two or three pictures.



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