Project 2 Animation Studio :Dialogue, action and interaction. Brief and initial research.

Monday Session.

Initial research.

For our current project we are meant to create a 1 minute animation in which 2 characters interact with each other to achieve a goal.  This means they can be working together towards the same  goal, helping each other or even fighting each other.
We’re to post our initial research and as I have thought about this project already, I had some ideas of what I wanted to use.  The first image reflects some of the fantasy that I want to portray in my project.

Jean-Baptist Monge is an artist who combines animals with fantasy creatures. The size difference creates a new reality which interests me to no end.
In this picture two characters interact though it’s not clear if the cat has caught the pixie as a prey or, seeing as he has her more by her neck, as a mother who pulls her child in line.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting
George WashingtonLambert’s The sonnet, c.1907 shows two individuals interacting actively, the man perhaps reading to the female whilst the other’s sat next to them with a face that can’t read anything other than “Cest la vie..”
Image result for aleppo
The third is a picture from Aleppo, showing two children in the rubble. I’ve chosen this picture as a reality picture in which both children are both surrounded by destruction and fear can very well be their main emotion at this point, yet the older child clearly comforts the smaller child. I’ve also chosen this picture because everyone remains to ignore that this is an actual thing in our current time.
This post mainly shows the different types of interactions possible between individuals.  Be it human or not.
It also shows how I could have a third character  be part of the scene and perhaps even play the story out through said third character who will respond to the actions or even interactions between the two others interacting.

Image 1: Jean- Baptiste Monge:
Image 2: George Washington Lambert –
Image 3 :  Four-year-old Esraa and her brother Waleed, three. :


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