Project 2 Animation Studio :Dialogue, action and interaction. Moodboards, setup and early story draft.

I started the idea with inspiration, from that I created the idea further and eventually created a story.
Normally I have a story and look for inspiration, but I’m willing to give this backwards mindset a try aswell.

As stated in earlier post, the story will surround a man who lives in a micro world, wanting to go to a spring festival though is stopped by his rat mount sleeping right outside of his house and making it unable for him to leave.

In this post I will go into the set up of it all.

Firstly, I set up a plan.

So far I wanted a man in a house and a pet.  I wasn’t sure yet what type of pet and after having a bit of a brainstorm with two lecturers it seemed best to firstly decide what the man does for a living and where he lives.


A man who is a fisher and lives near the beach can have a turtle, crab, beachbird (seagull, snowy plover etc.) as mount.
A man who lives near a river could have an otter, beaver, heiron as mount.
A man who lives in the forest, is a miner could have a mole as a mount , badger or even a fox.

The reasons to include the job in chosing the mount is simply because there are many types of animals in each and every area.  However, a job could create a connection between the mount and man by mere functionality. A seaman won’t have much of a use to having a mole as mount. It cuts the functionality and  purpose of the mount in half if not more.

Adding job and area to the search of mount also helped alot with the creation of the house, as the same way of thinking was applied there.

A house in the city looks different than one in the forest which looks different than one at the beach.


I decided to have him live near the big city, just near the outskirts. This only due to the fact that I wanted to impliment alot of metals in the design of the house and that is mainly found near or within a city.  Now that I had decided on the house and area, I also decided to make the mount a rat.  A big, fat rat. Cities tend to have fat rats.



The man.


(the original moodboard is much larger, though these are defining sketches and pieces which I hope to take most from)

The house.

When looking for references of the houses I mainly looked for shapes and flow.  It’s a fantasy world and so I was not interested in being architectrally correct. I also looked for usage of human items getting new purpose in the micro world’s house.

The mount.

All of these works are Jean-Baptiste Monge’s. This was my initial research for the mount and I had not yet established for which animal to go.  I was secretly leaning alot towards the weasel/ferret as the thought of their movement in animation did seem very alluring. But no, I’ve chosen the fat rat.


What I am, at this point, mainly after is to create forms and a feeling for the forms I want to use.

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