Project 2 Animation Studio :Dialogue, action and interaction. Sketches and Maya early design.

Plan step by step.

-Create the house.
I want to start with the easiest part first.  Finding the right forms for the house. Nothing regarding interiour yet, just the outside with perhaps a small part of direct surroundings.

-Design and create the man.
Knowing that this will be the most difficult part for me to create, I want to make sure that I get the form right, edgeflow, uv mapping, rigging and assigning everything. Putting this high up on my list will give me alot of time to get all the feedback and help from lecturers in creating the little guy.

-Creating the Rat.
There isn’t much movement when it comes to the rat, I doubt I will even have to rig him.  Therefor he will be last to worry about.  I do want to look into creating fur though, so if I do have the time I will hopefully look into it.

-Creating interiour.
This will be around the same time as the Rat.  I have put this as last because I want to give myself enough time to be creative with the designs of human items gaining new purpose. However, if I’m unable to be super creative, I’m more than fine with a simple, wooden interiour layout.

We have 10 weeks to finish the project. I am hoping to be done a week, perhaps even two weeks before deadline, just so I can tweek and correct parts of the animation where possible. At this point the only thing that I am  mostly afraid of is designing the man and making his build functionable.


Programs that I will be using at this point are;
Photoshop (and traditional sketch book) to design.
3D Coat (To colour)
Arnold  (This to render the project out.  I have not used it before, and will most likely do this at university.)



I have done the initial design of the house already and finished the sketching of the man.  This upcoming week I will be working on creating the man as the house is done at this point.

The house.


(Sketch)                                                                               (Design and colour in Mudbox)


(Coloured in 3D Coat.)


The man.


The first image shows my ideas of the man. One being more straight up with a nice gesture to his form the other being much more bulky, square like.  I chose the thinner one, but this not because I didn’t like the other, but due to the fact that when I imagine him running around, his form translates panic better to me than the bulky, square like form.

The second sketch (with blue overlines) is just me trying to block out the shapes.  He won’t have a mouth so when he speaks it’s his moustage wiggling about.

The last sketch are my experiments with outfits. He lives near the city and the timeline set is beginning 1900’s, a taste of the industrial England years. However, he’s not a rich gnome by any standard, and so I wanted to keep his clothes of a middle class standard.
Outfit inspirations are taken from city and rural outfits (of those times)

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