Project 2 Animation Studio :Dialogue, action and interaction.Tuesday class might’ve changed the plan.

On tuesday we currently have a Zbrush class.  For 10 weeks we will be learning more about the program that is Zbrush and the possibilities it has regarding character design.

In Zbrush we work with clay materials rather than planes (like we do in Maya) and so it’s known for its sculpting of characters.  I have been working with clay when I was younger, actual clay that you put your hands in and make a vase with or a small sculpture.  However, as we’ve only worked with Maya so far, my sculpting experience has not really been useful (Or I just failed at making it useful). Eitherway, our lecturer suggested we’d look into the Zbrush classroom website the days that he’s not teaching, as he only has the one day a week to tend to the whole class and fears that he won’t be able to really give us a more in depth view of what Zbrush really is.

During first lecture he showed us how to build a head in Zbrush and lay out the basic forms. It gave us a look into the movements and usage of clay in the program, though with me not much more than that stuck with.  I did remind myself to go into the Zbrush classroom and have a look around.  Sunday was the first time I used Zbrush whilst following one of the lectures of the online classroom.
Now, due to this, I am most likely going to be creating my characters in Zbrush rather than in Maya. The program feels much more organic to me than Maya does and I can set the forms in as I want them to look . Also, with the sculpting tools I was able to even translate alot more of  my own style (when painting)  into the sculpture, which is really pleasant.

Now I know that Maya will always remain in my workflow, be it for the design of buildings, furniture, decoration.  I very much enjoy Maya for that.  I just don’t see myself create a character in Maya who I can be proud of as much as I am proud of the first sculpture I’ve made in Zbrush.

(My first sculpt ever in Zbrush)

During yesterday’s tuesday lecture, I created a second sculpture and my lecturer was more than pleased with it. I’m now to keep up the work (so I don’t forget how to Zbrush) and look into topology which is a step towards creating a sculpture in Zbrush and getting it ready to become an actual thing which I can animate.

Yes we have 10 weeks to do the current project, but it’s really not that long if you consider what it is we can do.  10 weeks with pre rigged characters is more like vacation time, though when you want to build and create everything yourself and hopefully use another program to do so, then 10 weeks is very short and you have to push yourself to get the most out of it.

Therefor, I have borrowed a book from my course leader regarding Zbrush and I will try and create one sculpture a day.  This to familiarize myself with Zbrush and ofcourse become much much better with sculpting in the program.  I am planning on doing this for atleast 4 weeks, (starting next week)  as those weeks were originally assigned to creating the rat and the gnome.  In those weeks I will try to hopefully get some one on one time with a lecturer to tackle any issues I will face regarding topology, colouring, rigging etc. and hopefully get some feedback on the work I have already created by then.

(Sculpt I did during class. Added colours just to try out the polypaint)


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