Project 2 Animation Studio :Dialogue, action and interaction. Troubleshoot.

Whilst I was working on my project, I was suddenly unable to move any of the interior items within the house.   This post will be reflecting the issue I had and the solution to it for future reference.


When working on the project, I had all of the components spread up in different scenes.  One for the rat, one for the house and one for the gnome.  This to make sure that I wouldn’t be facing lag further into the creation of the scenes, with the idea to import everything into one scene once everything was finished individually.
I knew that I had to import all meshes into the same scene before adding any rigging to the characters just to make sure that nothing would mess up the rig and create issues for me further down the lane.  However, when importing everything to the same scene (I imported the house to the file of the gnome.) the sizes were different.  This because I worked on the house in Maya, but created the gnome in Zbrush, so they didn’t have the same measurements.  My first step was to parent/child everything to the house, and so making it able for me to downsize the house to the size of the gnome. However, when doing this, the scene didn’t size down correctly because the pivot points of every item, ever object within the scene, were in different spots. Not realising this at the time, I unparented them and combined them instead. Most textures were all set before the combine button was pressed and so I didn’t focus on the house anymore and returned to creating the rat and later on rigging the gnome.
However, when I returned many many hours later, to the house to texture it I couldn’t separate the objects from each other anymore.  Thinking that they were parented, I tried unparenting them, breaking connections etc.  Though when checking the hierarchy, I noticed that the symbol in the outliner was one of a solid mesh, meaning that Maya recognised the house as one solid object.. The tables, chairs, even the roof’s support beams and dishes in the cabinets were all combined and because I deleted the history I wasn’t able to tear the objects from one another anymore, as Maya didn’t have any history anymore of the objects being individuals..
It took me several hours to figure this out and thanks to our technician I figured out the issue.
The plan now is to open the scene, without the gnome in it, so the house is the only object within the scene, selecting the faces of .. let’s say, the chair, copying the chair and deleting the faces of the old chair.  This way, I can hopefully recreate the objects as single objects again without having to redo the whole house.

When combining a whole house or even a character, do not delete the history if you want to work on individual objects afterwards.. because you can’t.. Save yourself the headache.

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