Animation Studies 2 : Toon vs Actor – The Brief.


It’s essay time once again.

During this project we are free to do whatever we want as long as we are able to create a dimension in which live action meets animation.  In my research posts I will document the films I take inspiration from, which I would want to use for my own film and the reasons why. Whilst at the same time I will try and relay which films I learned things from that show how the two dimensions meeting one another could become catastrophic.

Personally I am more than happy working on this idea of creating your own film where the two dimensions meet, not only because it gives a challenge but also due to the fact that I could one day be assigned to a project in which I have to animate a character to interact with an actual person. With that in mind, this could proof to be a great exercise in what’s a hit and what’s a miss and how to make an interaction between two entities that never actually interact come across as a real interaction and how to achieve this.

It seems like a very fun project and for the last two weeks I have been doing some research already whilst working on the 3D project for Animation Studio, however the deadline for this one is end of term (So today) hence me throwing the blog online instead of keeping it up as a draft.


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