Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Project and initial research.

We initially thought that we would have to pick a few projects and pitch them on the monday, so that we’d have all weekend to come up with several powerpoints and pitch our ideas to our clients who would then decide who they wanted to take in and who they didn’t.
However, over the weekend we received a message that there was more information on our uni’s website and it said that we were doing the Homecare project.
So over the weekend we came up with some ideas and decided to meet on the monday to then see what everyone came up with and how we’d approach it.

First of all, what is Homecare?
Homecare is a service available for anyone, though it’s more likely for elderly people who struggle with their health or well being, but still want to remain in their own home,  to take this service.
The service provides help and support on many fronts,  from grocery shopping to helping with medication intake all the way to helping people get out of bed in the morning, washing them and feeding them to get them ready for their day.
Homecare helps people to keep their independence by coming to their homes and providing the support they need instead of needing to go into care, retirement home or live with family in order to receive this support.
Another positive about Homecare is that people are still interacting with others.  It’s not a secret that many elderly are facing loneliness, and having a friendly face in their house who has a small chat with them throughout the day is something that can help tremendously with the quality of life.

What our client really wanted us to relay in our project is that the option of Homecare exsist, that an illness or injury doesn’t mean the end of someone’s independence.  That they focus on improving the quality of life by the supporting where needed.

Our client didn’t mind a humorous approach towards the brief and the target audience will be potential clients.  This means, the person who will receive the service, but also their family.



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