Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Plans and set up

Our plan had been created.

We decided to make a 3D animation of an older lady who needed some extra support.
Her daughter watches how her mother tries to do the gardening, but also witnesses her mother sustaining an injury and this is the moment in which she decides to approach her mother with the idea to have some extra hands around the house.

We set up the tasks for everyone.  Mine being;

  • Character modeling
  • Skin weights
  • Colouring
  • blend shapes
  • 3D environment.

Matt is the 2D guy, so he’s focused more on the story boards, character designs.
Janet decided to take on the social aspect of the brief, communication towards the client through presentation and a small 3D part where she wanted to do the rigging, leaving out the skin weights and blend shapes (So bones and controllers.)

The following posts will only be about my own work and the final product.


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