Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Modeling characters.

Now that we have an idea what we want to make, we created a quick design of what the characters could look like.   After some pinterest searches, we found a couple of ideas as to how we wanted to portray the main character and her daughter.


In the movie “Up”  you watch the main character and his wife grow old together.  However, if you put the older and younger version next to one another, you could easily think that they were related as in.. the daughter of the pair or the son of the pair.  With this in mind we wanted to translate some of the forms from the mother to the daughter, so it would be more believable that they were related.


As it was going to be a 3d design, I only really needed to know the shapes so I could work easier on the figures in Zbrush.

char design

               -Quick idea design where I overlay the shapes to map out the characters easier. 

Starting with the main character in Zbrush seemed to be the best start.  It was only the second time that I created a full character to work with in Zbrush.   I decided to set up a plan for myself to create both characters in the weekends, so that I could receive feedback from my group and tutors on the monday or tutorial day on the tuesday.

Oh, to add;

We decided to set deadlines for each task to be done.

Mine are.
Characters: 27th of April – Deadline for models and environment.
Skinweights and blend shapes: 5th of May.



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