Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Characters in Zbrush

Working in a group motivated me to push myself with the deadlines.   Even though I had a whole week to finish the models, I wanted to have them done before monday so if there should be any adjustments, I would have the whole week still to adjust where needed.   Also, we would be speaking to the client that friday so extra pressure.


I wanted to make sure that the character had a very cartoony feel to it, because one of the points the client had was that he would not mind any humour being put into the story or the design.  The initial appearance of her was well received by the group, who I communicated with over the weekend.


We didn’t have a moodboard or colourscheme which we wanted to go for so in that regard I was left to my devices.   I decided to give her a soft pink-ish outfit and a typical pink dye hairdo, which were curls but also look a bit like roses, which in this case related to the main character loving gardening.

Overall, I didn’t have many issues with the design, the forms were very easy to achieve in Zbrush and colouring with polypaint was still a bit of a struggle for to activate the colouring process but once I managed this it was smooth sailing.

For her outfit I decided to go for a simple dress under which she has a longsleeve shirt.  White leggings and little black strap over shoes.


Her eyes, teeth and hands were created in Maya as that process for me is just easier than in Zbrush.  Remembering my course leader’s words with the Gnome model of the previous project, I made sure to keep their mouths open during the modeling process.

However, due to this being a design that will be judged at one point or the other.  I made sure to have every part of the model separated from each other.
So in total she exists out of 6 pieces;


This I did so if the client didn’t like her outfit, I only had to remodel her body rather than go through the whole process of re-texturing, renewing the whole uv map, setting up a new texture map, setting up new topology and this all just to adjust her dress.
Now all I had to do is find the file of her body and adjust it to the clients wishes.


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