Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Blendshapes.

Sadly enough it wasn’t possible to get the rigs done and due to this my work on skin weights wasn’t possible.  I did, however, decided to work on the blend shapes as I didn’t need the characters to have any bones or controllers placed to do this.

The following are the simple blend shapes that I’ve created for the characters.
I wanted to make it as simple as possible, also because at this point we as a group decided to have a 2D animation take place instead of the 3D.  This not because the 3D was short on design or anything, but the rendering of the film would take atleast 3 days, that added to the animation process that still had to be done, we decided to play it safe and allow Matt to work his 2D magic.


The standard open and close mouth blendshape was created.   A smile which functions both when the mouth is open aswell as when the mouth is closed.  A blink of the eyes, both function individually so that if need be a wink can be given aswell.  And last but not least a frown.  We know that in the story the mother will tumble and so a frown seemed to be the best negative emotion to create.

The same blendshapes are given to the daughter and the Fosse healthcare worker, though he lacks the frown because Fosse healthcare turns the frown.. upside down.

The idea that these characters were not going to be used is a bit bitter sweet.  I truly like the design and knowing that the client was very happy with the initial appearance of the idea itself and the models was something I had not anticipated as a first time viewing.
I will end the project’s blog post in the next post with an evaluation and that would be the last post for the Animation Studio blogs for this year!



But not really because I still have to finish my gnome project which is still hanging around in drafts on wordpress.. so in theory it isn’t really the end, but it should have been.


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