Animation Studio : Project 3 Team Live Briefs. Changes, added character and environment.

Originally I had to create 2 characters;  The mother (main character)  and the daughter.  This was what was pitched and agreed upon. However, as we crafted the story further and further and time went by to revise everything, we decided to include a Fosse Healthcare worker.

We already knew from the beginning that our group wasn’t one who was in uni all the time as we existed out of mature students.  Hence us communicating mainly through social medias such as whatsapp and skype.

When making the Fosse Healthcare worker I took reference from Matt’s blog, he was the one who came up with most of the 2d designs and he seemed to be the best place to start.

His designs were clear, outlining the positives and negatives about each design he created for the Fosse worker and so from all the positives combined I went back into Zbrush and created the final model for the storyline.


Matt’s designs for the Fosse Healthcare worker. Outlining what he liked and disliked.

As you can see he has not filled out the character and as it is it doesn’t suit the other two characters.  However, taking reference from all the positives in the designs that he outlines, I’ve managed to create the Fosse worker.


He’s wearing the typical Fosse Healthcare uniform and eventhough his face is much more realisitc than the other two characters, within the scene he didn’t stand out in a way that was distracting.

Furthermore, eventhough we had agreed that the environment would be done by someone else, my work was on  hold until the characters were rigged and so I took the time to create a background.  This not only to fill out time, but practise in Maya is always welcome.

It was meant to be a small garden with some plants etc. in it, but with enough room to have 3 characters move through it without too much limitation. \



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