Animation Studies: Promo Kit Evaluation

This being the last project of the year was a bit bitter sweet.  I enjoyed the studies, they gave me a lot of ideas on how to handle certain things regarding design/characters and stories/ to business aspect of it all.

This project was no different.  It helped seeing how not every way of promoting might be the way for your product.  It also gave me further insight on how important networks are and how to best create them.  I did look further into the animation festival part of things and I do see the high importance of these for your future film, studio, yourself ..

I’m happy with the outcome of this study.  There was more room for research as there’s always more room for research, but I do think I picked out the most important parts and managed to place them in my essay.

It wasn’t an illustration challenge, like we had last year, but I still took a bit more time out for my poster to promote the film and with the shapes, silhouettes and colour scheme I’m more than pleased.
The only downside would be that it might be read as not for PG, was it not for the title of the film “My pet hamster Joe.”



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