Animation Studies: Promo Kit – Initial research.

For the project I started my research with simple ads.  Making a setup on paper which had a collection of way in which people use ads and other visual forms of promotion.

Visual ads that are all around us are billboards, TV commercials, posters, ads on brand items such as bottles, merchandise, magazines etc.

Billboard advertisements can be found in cities, highways and sideroads.  They are the larger form of posters.

But we also have more interactive ads now that we’re in a time where social media and the internet play a big role in our daily lives.

We have ads that pop up during youtube videos, ads that are down the side of our timelines on facebook, instagram, ads on twitter.  Playing a game on your phone also plays ads.  It’s endless.

youtube-paid-media-6Youtube is known for their ads.  They pop up on the screen and are often found on the side of whatever it is you’re watching aswell.  

Youtube ads

But we also have more subliminal ads, such as product placements in series, films, cartoons.

Product placements can be found anywhere and everywhere, making them seem to be an every day life item in any household.  This often leads to people buying items of a certain brand without acknowledging if it is a good product or one that translates to their household the best. 

And then there’s the word of mouth advertisement, which is almost always free. I say almost because currently many people who are ‘sponsored’ by products act as if it’s word of mouth but they were actually paid to promote the product.
Word to mouth being:  “My aunt seen this film the other day and it really moved her.  We should see it!”

khloe-kardashian-fit-tea-73078bd3-19f0-4030-aef7-f4a9685bf01dEven though many models on social media promote products as if they have been using these to gain a certain appearance or lose weight, it’s often a sponsored ad which is disguised as word of mouth.

There are many more ways of advertisement and they are mentioned in my actual project.  However, even though I’ve written my project saying that I had unlimited funds, I still wanted to be a bit more realistic rather than saying “I will use all these ad options to promote my animation. ”  because if I would do that.. I’d put a big sign on the moon aswell and call it a day.

For the learning outcomes it was important to see which are the best ways to advertise and promote your product whilst keeping in mind that it’s animation.   It would be nice for Khloe Kardasian to promote it on instagram to her millions of followers, but are they the target audience?  And are they more likely to watch an animation whilst they mainly follow her for her fitness updates, beauty guru things and fit teas..

With this in mind the next step for the project was to answer the question “What is the target audience?”
Asking this helped a lot by filtering down the ways to promote and actually added new ways to be more successful to promote the animation.
With sport people having their “Sport person of the year” awards, the films have their “Oscars and Emmy’s.”   the actors have their “Actor of the year” festivities, animators have animation festivals.   There are -a lot- of animation festivals each year which take place all over the world.  It is one of the best ways to get your name out there and show a perfect target group what your animation is.  This doesn’t only creates word of mouth promotion (possibly) but also can broaden your network which might give more opportunities for the further regarding working in the animation business.



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