Animation Studies: Promo Kit : The doings.

After figuring out what it was going to be about (My animation)  I could set a target audience.

I decided to go for the idea of an earlier animation studies (Toon vs Actor)  and use the characters from that studies as an example for this one.

The story is about a young girl named Anna who lives in a post-apocalyptic world and has a big, mutated friend named Joe.
I labeled the story PG due to the guidelines that I found online.
With this in mind I could narrow down the possible ads to a few that would be most successful.

I found that I best worked with questions that could relate to the brief, with the learning outcomes in mind.

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Why are they the target audience?
  • How can I reach this audience?

The target audience was PG.  It was meant for families but with parental guidance.  This because some kids might find it scary, the monsters the post-apocalyptic world and they could be affected by the moods in the film.
They are the target audience because I had in mind for it to be a fun film which lots of adventure, with the main message being about friendship and perseverance. (No matter how hard life gets at times, push through it will get better)
How to reach this audience would be the final question.  Because it’s for families with a PG stamp on it, I thought an interactive website would be a great start, then all ads, no matter where, could link to the website where the audience could read more about the characters, enjoy small interactive games and get their hands on some merchandise.   (The latter creating more word of mouth)
But, starting with ads on facebook as that’s still the number 1 website through which people communicate and take their daily intake of ads.   TV is still on the list and with that most of the other visual ads.  It might be a bit outdated, but it’s still very effective.

The one which I’ve added that was perfect for the learning out come in my opinion was the animation festival. Due to it being an animation, the festival would be perfect and could create a great word to mouth.

PG info: (2017). PG | British Board of Film Classification. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Jun. 2017].

Animation festival info and further promotions: Grieves, R., Barney, S. and Forrest, S. (2017). How To Market Your Short Film Online: The Missing Scarf – Skwigly Animation Magazine. [online] Skwigly Animation Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 17 Jun. 2017].

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