Third Year Short.

Whilst we’re still enjoying our vacation time, I’ve spend most of my time creating illustrations and reading up on animating. I’ve purchased the Animator’s Survival Kit and several other books that are more towards illustrating.

During my vacation I did travel! I went to take part of UIP which is a summer school program in Chengdu, China at the Sichuan University.  Having still no idea before my trip what I wanted to do for my last year’s project, I hoped that the summer school would give inspiration to some ideas which I could translate into my final short.  The trip was great, the lands are absolutely beautiful and the way of thinking was pretty inspirational.  During the art lecture it became clear that the vision the Chinese artists have regarding all that they put on paper was that they want to show life as it is still alive, they aren’t a big fan of still life whilst they do enjoy seeing it in western paintings.

When I returned to the UK, there was an eclipse! I didn’t see it, however, it was the days after the event that I decided on my final short.

I will be posting the work and ideas I’ve come up with for the final year until uni starts, unsure if we will be facing a theme for the final project or perhaps even a few smaller projects with the last few months dedicated to the final short. But I will be posting about my current idea for the short which I’ve already named “Eclipse.”

Several pictures from the china trip.

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